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*"Brittany McMains has done an outstanding job with our daughter. She is very patient and knows how to get the best out of her students. Her knowledge of singing and musical performance is top notch. Her professionalism as well as her caring attitude toward her students really sets her apart from other teachers. "  Elizabeth M


*"If you are serious about developing your singing voice, Ms. Brittany McMains can definitely help you. You will learn how to use your voice effectively by using tried and true techniques. My 2 daughters enjoy "Major Minors", a singing group of children ages 7 and up that Brittany put together. My girls made friends with the other members of the group over the years, and always look forward to their weekly practices. Brittany makes the lessons fun, and the girls absolutely adore her. Not only do the students learn to be amazing singers but they eventually develop a sense of confidence (on and off the stage). She is very supportive and has become a very good friend. If you have found her, you've hit the jackpot! She is professional, very TALENTED, and a brilliant teacher. I always recommend her to anyone who expresses an interest in singing. She records the (one-on-one) lessons on a CD that can be used for practice and vocalizing. She also edits the music depending on what you need. She offers performance opportunities to places/events such as Riverside Festival of the Trees, Knotts Berry Farm, Disneyland, California Adventure, etc. I can say that it's one of the best things that I did for my girls. It's really a joy to watch them perform on stage and see their progress."  Lily F


*"Ms. Brittany is amazing with the kids. My daughter's have grown tremendously under her direction. She has the patience to get them out of their shell so they can thrive to do so much more! Such a positive energy and the environment is welcoming."  Kim B


*"My daughter has been going to Brittany for private lessons for three years now. She has helped my daughter tremendously, not only with bettering her skills, but with building her confidence and comfort. Brittany is nothing but encouraging, always maintaining the "You CAN do it" attitude. She is not only an awesome professional, she's an amazing, kind, and genuine person...what more could anyone ask for in a vocal coach? :)" Cindy L


*"My daughter has worked with Brittany for one year and it has been amazing. Brittany knows how to teach children with a desire to sing and perform to their fullest potential.. She instructs both Private and Group voice as well as stage technique" KaRon B


*"My daughter has been taking voice lessons from Brittany since age 5. She is always so patient and really terrific with the kids. My daughter just adores her and always looks forward to her lessons. She is also part of Brittany's vocal performance group which is teaching her to sing with a group and harmonize. Brittany gives the kids a lot of opportunities throughout the year to get on stage and sing, including at Knott's Berry Farm and Disneyland! Her professionalism is second to none, and we have referred several people looking for a vocal coach. I am positive it will be a great experience for anyone looking to grow as a vocalist." Gena P


*"BRILLIANT! If I only could describe Brittany in one word, that is what it would be. For me finding Brittany's Vocal Studio was and is the beginning of my daughter's dream come true!!! My daughter loves to sing and now with Brittany's help she enjoys singing so much more. Brittany has an incredible sense about one's singing voice. She has taught my daughter to use her voice in a healthy and safe way in no time. Brittany sets up great venue's for performances....venue's where family and friends can go and enjoy these beautiful talents. My daughter is looking forward to performing at Disneyland for the first time with a group Brittany put together. THANK YOU BRITTANY!!! We are so lucky to have found Brittany McMains Vocal Studio. If you get the chance DO NOT PASS IT UP!"  Monica R


*"Brittany Mcmains is my Grandaughter's vocal coach. Our experience with her as been phenonenal! I have been very impressed with how she teaches and believes in her students. She has such a love for her students and encourages them to be the best they can be. She organizes recitals and other singing opportunities for all of her students. She encourages my Grandaughter to sing at all events, programs and contests. Whenever we have needed extra time before an event, she has always made time for us. Keep up the good work Brittany, we really feel blessed to have found such a wonderful, caring teacher." Vickie T


*"Brittany is an awesome voice teacher! I have been working with her for about 8 months, and I am able to hear the progress, which is so encouraging. She records every lesson, so you can practice at home and warm-up even if you don't know piano. The main thing she has given me in singing is confidence. She is always kind and helpful, and I would (and do) recommend her. ;) The only complaint I have is that half hour lessons once a week aren't enough! Once you start singing, you get addicted. XD" Emma A


*Been with Brittany over four years and nothing but good to say. She is a great vocal teacher and the kids really seem to enjoy her. Look no more for that perfect voice lesson teacher , Brittany is the best."  John S

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