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*Group Voice Classes*

Group voice lessons are a fabulous way to get familiar with how your voice works, learn from your peers and gain confidence in your ability as a singer. I'm so happy to offer this class! Each class will have a max of 7 students. If you are interested in joining, send me a message to be added to the list! I will add classes as interest grows. 




*6 hour long group voice sessions plus 2 half hour private sessions*

*Choose a song to peform at the showcase on 12/17*

*Work on technique/performance in a small group environment with peer support*

*Small classes for more individual attention*

*Perform at our Holiday Showcase on Sunday, December 17th!*

Sign me up!

 Group Classes always include...

*Vocal Technique

*Feeling our sound, freeing our voice and singing with confidence

*Expanding the range

*Breath control

*Vocal health (and how to KEEP you voice healthy)

*Working our technique into a song

*Peer encouragement! 

*Small classes to guarantee each student gets individual attention

Only 3 spots left in each session!

October Session




November Session




Cost: $350.00

Oct Session: $175 due October 1st, $175 due November 1st

Nov Session: $175 due November 1st, $175 due December 1st

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